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Friday, 12-Aug-2011 02:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
How to protect your notebook?

If you have bought a new notebook, to know some knowledge to protect it, it will be veru useful for you and can greatly extend the limits of the notebook life. Here will list some attentions, which will gelp you in a way.

First, don’t to pull out the battery when you use the AC power, pull out the battery will have no any positive effects for you. If you work in a area where the voltage is not so normal and you are in work at the moment, suddenly power failure, not only the work you have done is useless, but also may do some damages to your motherboard without the battery’s protection. It is not wise to pull out the battery for protection, because a motherboard is more expensive than a battery.

Second, please don’t let the liquid into the notebook, which will do great damages to the notebook. If your notebook has some liquid into the notebook by accident, please press the power switch for more than 3 seconds as soon as possible, forced shut down the notebook. Or you can pull the charging plug and button battery. Then remove the battery and optical drive and other components can be removed.

Third, you should pay attention to the charging, as we all konw, the battery has the limit of charging and discharging times, it is very important for the first charging, you should charge the battery when the battery has out of power. The first three times should charge for a long time, about 8 hours, to charge ang discharge at will will do much dameges to the battery, it can affect the life of the battery. You don’t need to pull the battery at ordinary times, if you don’t use the notebook for a long time, you can charge the battery for a half quantity for storage.

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How to install software and games on your phone? And also how to

There are four methods for you to install the software and games:

(1) Use the usb cable or bluetooth or PC set with infrared to stall, connect the cell phone and computer, open PC set, choose the installation software of the interface, or you can copy the installation files to the cell phone directly through the cell phone browser , then using the file management software to open and install the software also will be OK.
(2) using the bluetooth adapter to install,to connect the bluetooth adapter,search the cell phone, convery SIS or installation software of jar by the PC, open it in the massage to install directly, after installation, you can delete the bluetooth message.
(3)using a card reader, after turning off the machine and removing the RS-MMC memory card (support hot plug can not shut down the machine, but need to delete the hardware at first), you need to copy the installation files to a memory card, then install card and open it directly, and then it will install automatically.
(4) the software can be stored in your mail box and then get the attachment and install the software you need, first send the installation files via e-mail to another phone settings mail, go to 7610 in the information – the mailbox to receive mail, and then extract the attachments, to install it at last.
In general, removing the software or games should be done in the “process management” file , finding out the software or game and press the C key to delete, if the Program Manager of the stallation record has been deleted for mistaken (generally the record of the software installed in the C or the system – install folder of E), you should turn to the third-party document management software to delete, such as SeleQ software, in SeleQ , you can get the directory system – apps of installation software catageory and then to delete, but to delete them in the program manage firstly is more recommended.

Saturday, 6-Aug-2011 08:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The difference of H2000 and normal imitating iPhone

1. The normal phone has no operation system, if you like playing games, it will not meet you needs. Some cell phones support JAVA, but for the phones whose built-in memory is quite small,it will be very slow to play the games. The H2000 cell phone has built-in 512MB ROM 256MB RAM, supporting TF card which can be expanded to 32GB, the resolution is HVGA resolution, which is the same with Google phone, it is the best resolution to play games in Google operation system, supporting many Google games. and Google android is the most suitable operation sysytem nowadays, there will be more games in the future. Buying a H2000 cell phone, you can maste the Google source of the network, the normal high copy iPhone won’t have such functions.

2. H2000 cell phone support upgrading in the future. So the H2000 cell phone is a good product compared with normal Iphone.

Highlights of H2000 phone:

1. The latest Android 2.2 operation system, software infinite expansion, support Android market.

2. 3.5 inches capacitive touch screen, support multi-point touch.

3. Adapt the MTK6516 ARM7+ARM9 dual core CPU, main frequency is 460+280MHZ dual core 740MHZ.

4. Built-in A-GPS smart location chip, support Google map.

5. The only free Analog TV function of Android operation system, support global TV whole rule (SECAM/PAL/NTXC), watch many formats (you don’t need to surf the Internet, it is the real analog TV).

6. Support WIFI(WIFI 802.11B/G).

7. 2.0MP pixels, buit-in flash light.

Friday, 29-Jul-2011 10:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
How to Use a Cell Phone as a TV Remote

Newer cell phones have many applications that can be used to control other electronics or devices–including a television. This feature is not available on most cell phones, but can come in really handy if you frequently lose your television remote or are just looking for a way to condense technology into one gadget. This task isn’t hard to accomplish, but having your television codes and cell phone user manual will help this go a lot faster.
Things You’ll Need
Mobile phone (BlackBerry or iPhone)
Internet connection
Television user manual

Mobile phone user manual
1. Download the application, available for iPhone through the App store. Open iTunes on your computer, choose “iTunes Store” toward the left of the screen, and then choose “App Store.” Type “Remote Control” into the search bar and choose the application that will work best for you and your phone. If you own a BlackBerry, chances are you already have this application downloaded or available on your phone.
2. Connect your phone to your computer. Select “My Devices” in the iTunes program, “Applications” and check the box next to the applications you just downloaded. In the lower righthand corner, choose the “Sync” button in the program window and wait for the application to be transferred to your iPhone.
3. Obtain the television programming code from your cell phone user manual. You can’t use just any code; each make or model has a different code used to program a television.
4. Locate the “Menu” button on the front of the television next to the “Power” button and press it. Then select the “TV Remote” under the “Menu” screen.
5. Point your cell phone toward the television set and type in the programming code and choose “OK” when finished.
6. Press the “Power” button on the remote control. If done correctly, the TV should turn off. Locate the “TV Controls” button on your cell phone and a remote control will appear on the screen of your cell phone.
7. Press the buttons on the screen of your cell phone to change channels, adjust volume, and power your television on and off.

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How to Make 3D Glasses for TV

This article from gowetrade.com/blog is teach you how to made a 3d glasses for tv.
The analog glasses needed to watch 3D movies can be expensive, and not having a pair of these glasses causes you to miss the effect of the movie. With a few supplies from home you can create your own 3D glasses.

Below is the things You’ll Need

Pencil Poster board Scissors Clear cellophane Tape Blue permanent marker Red permanent marker Stapler Elastic string

1. With a pencil, draw a half mask or a pair of glasses onto the poster board. Be sure to draw the mask or glasses big enough to fit the front part of your face. Draw circles for your eyes.

2. Using scissors, cut out the area you have drawn for your eyes. The easiest way to do this is to push your scissors through the center of the circle you have made for the eye holes, then cut out the traced hole.

3. Cut out two pieces of cellophane and tape it to the poster board to hold it in place over each eye hole you have cut out. The cellophane should be big enough to cover the eye holes.

4. Color the cellophane that will be covering the right eye with the blue permanent marker. Color the cellophane that will be covering the left eye with the red permanent marker.

5. Allow the permanent marker to dry completely, otherwise the permanent marker on the cellophane will smudge. If ink comes off on your finger, set it aside for a few more minutes to dry.

6. Pull the elastic string around your head and cut it at a length that won’t be too tight or the elastic string can pop off. Staple the elastic string to the upper corners of the poster board.

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